Delivery Information & FAQs

Shipping & Delivery


With 70,000 items available and every item being hand built to order in one of the USA factories, POLYWOOD offer a huge selection and quality you can invest in.

48 Hour Shipping

POLYWOOD offer over 70,000 products and we have chosen the most popular to keep in our UK Warehouse. These items are available for shipping in 48 hours and can be found HERE in the shop.

Made to Order Shipping

We are unfortunately unable to provide 48 hour shipping on the wider selection of POLYWOOD's range in the shop section of the Website.

We aim to ship a container every 4-6 weeks with an order taking up to 3 weeks to manufacture, aiming to deliver items within 10 weeks. If you do not want to wait please CONTACT our team who will try and help you find a suitable alternative.

POLYWOOD do have a range of "Long ship items" which can be found on their website and we can discuss lead times on request.


Our expected delivery time is between 8 and 14 weeks, but can take longer. Please feel free to contact us before placing an order and we will be able to tell you a more accurate time based on what you would like to order.

Yes! All of the prices you see on the website are inclusive of delivery costs.

Express Delivery products can be found on their own section of the website and are held in-stock in our UK warehouse. Anything in this section can be shipped to you within 48hours. Short Ship products are what is on the rest of the site and the delivery times described on this page apply.

We do not currently list 'long-ship' products on UK POLYWOOD website. However, we are able to order anything you would like from the US website. Typically you can add 9-12 weeks to the delivery times we quite for Short Ship products.

POLYWOOD is made from HDPE — short for “high-density polyethylene” — a durable plastic widely used to make milk jugs, laundry detergent containers, bottle caps, etc. We currently recycle an average of 400,000 milk jugs per day and transform them into genuine POLYWOOD lumber.

POLYWOOD is highly durable, UV resistant and easy to clean. Because of this it is ideal if you need to leave your furniture out all year. It will require more cleaning though, so covering it can make your life easier.