If you’re slightly superstitious in your approach to life, then perhaps steer clear of this blog as we’re about to get totally overexcited about the fact that at the moment, a mere 40 hours or so from when most of us will wake up on Good Friday, the weather forecast for much of the UK is looking very good indeed. Here at POLYWOOD HQ we’ve checked the weather in Inverness, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Exeter, Birmingham, London and Norwich and all of those places can look forward to warm, dry weather and plenty of sunshine – hooray!

Colourful Easter Eggs

So why is the good weather so important as we look forward to the Easter weekend with friends and loved ones? Is good company and plenty of chocolate eggs just not enough? Well it won’t come as a surprise to you that the POLYWOOD team love our gardens and think that there’s no better place to be on a sunny day than relaxing in an Adirondack, but here are a few other reasons we can think of:

  • Any children present can run riot in the garden and get rid of their chocolate egg-fuelled energy without you having to worry about your carpets or sofas getting footprints, drinks or anything sticky on them.
  • It’s good for us to be outside in the fresh air and soaking up some all-important vitamin D after the long winter months inside. Just remember to apply sunscreen if you’re spending more than a few minutes direct sunlight to avoid a burning.
  • There’s more space! Hosting an Easter meal over the long weekend? If you’re short on table space inside, then serving your meal al fresco will give you far more space to seat all your guests and give them ample elbow room to enjoy their meal (even if you have to borrow some chairs and tables from neighbours).
  • You can combine your meal with a fun Easter egg hunt for the family. Are only children allowed to join in with the search for chocolate eggs? We think it should be open to all!

So, are there any downsides to a sunny and warm long Easter weekend? We can’t think of many… Only that sun and chocolate don’t mix very well, but if you’re lucky enough to have POLYWOOD outdoor furniture of your own you’ll be pleased to know it simply wipes clean if anything melts onto it! And if you’re concerned that the warm weather just won’t last and you’ll have the task of packing away the outdoor furniture until the next sunny spell or dragging the covers out to figure out which way up they go … POLYWOOD is also totally weather resistant so you can leave it in place through rain, frost, bright sunshine, hail and snow (not that we should see any of that for a while…).

Happy Easter from the POLYWOOD UK team!