POLYWOOD’s durable and attractive outdoor furniture is perfect for commercial projects where chairs, tables and benches are likely to be used day in, day out and possibly subjected to multiple food and drink spills.

The unique properties of POLYWOOD meant that when the Butlins team tasked with designing a new 100-seater outdoor decking area at the Skegness resort were on the hunt for durable outdoor furniture, POLYWOOD ticked all their boxes. POLYWOOD stands up to year-round use, even withstanding the saltwater spray and windy weather of the British coastal climate. It’s not a case of function over comfort either, as POLYWOOD is designed to be comfortable even without cushions and provides a study perch for old and young.

DMMP Director Marcus Palmer explains why POLYWOOD was such a great solution for Butlins “It’s easy to see why our range appealed to Butlins. It is fuss-free and doesn’t not need to be put away each winter, so it can be used all year round. With impressive credentials, the range looks great as well – stylish with excellent colour choices. It’s bucking the trend even with wood lovers who like the wood grain effect designed into the product. It’s a choice set to please the environmentally aware end-user as well as the financial director as you can expect thirty years of service from each piece.”

The maintenance teams at Butlins Skegness will be delighted to hear that they don’t need to worry about painting, oiling or treating POLYWOOD at the beginning of the new holiday season. They only care that POLYWOOD needs is a wash with warm soapy water to remove any dirt or food that has been spilt on it, and it will stay looking as good as new for many years to come. We hope the Butlins customers enjoy using POLYWOOD furniture during their stays in Skegness!