We’re so lucky to have had some simply exceptional weather for the last few days across most of the UK – and it was a Bank Holiday to boot! What a way to wave goodbye to summer (unless we’re going to be treated to a glorious, sunny September) and start looking forward to everything that’s lovely about autumn. If you were lucky enough to have a long weekend off work and spent it with friends and family then the likelihood is, you spent some of it in your garden. That got us thinking about the differences in how people like to spend their downtime in the summer months.


The British BBQ is a summer institution, not least because it can be very tricky to plan an outdoor dinner party when the weather is so unpredictable! But when the sun does shine, the smell of burgers and sizzling bangers lingers in gardens up and down the country. Whether you’re a charcoal devotee or prefer quick and easy cooking on a gas grill, the humble BBQ is a garden feature adored by many Brits. Whichever way you cook your meal, you’ll certainly need somewhere to sit and eat it. POLYWOOD has a range of dining sets in different styles to suit any garden. Take a look here at POLYWOOD dining sets here!


Gardens are spaces where we can enjoy the fresh air and soak up some sunshine but for some people, they are also somewhere to nurture plants and allow a creative streak to thrive. Gardening has a range of amazing physical and mental health benefits and there’s something so wonderful about growing a plant from seed and watching it flower.  It can be hard work to keep a large garden in ship shape and leave a dedicated gardener feeling weary. So, what happens when all that gardening is done and there’s not even one plant left to deadhead? It’s time to sit down, put up tired feet and enjoy the fruits of your labour! We think a comfortable and sturdy POLYWOOD Adirondack with a matching side table and ottoman would be the perfect perch to stretch out and rest those weary bones.


Earlier in the summer we were sent some fabulous photographs by a customer of a brand-new POLYWOOD bench situated next to the front door of their home. Having spent some time in the US, this family had grown to love the ‘front-porch culture’, where neighbours and friends drop by and join you for a drink and a chatter on the wide, welcoming front decks that are a feature of many American homes. The family are delighted to report that they are now regularly joined on their bench for a glass of wine at the end of a working day, just as they’d hoped. We think a bench, rocker, deep seating sofa or glider would all be excellent choices for POLYWOOD porch furniture!